The functions and application scenarios of E-MAG-R split electromagnetic flowmeter

1、 Functional characteristics
The E-MAG-R electromagnetic flowmeter adopts advanced electromagnetic induction principles and can accurately measure the flow rate of various conductive liquids. Its split structure makes installation and maintenance more convenient, without being limited by space. Flowmeters have a wide range of measurement capabilities and are suitable for different pipeline sizes and flow ranges. At the same time, the flowmeter has a bidirectional flow measurement function, which can meet the needs of various complex application scenarios.
2、 Application scenarios
The E-MAG-R split electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in multiple fields. In industries such as chemical engineering, environmental protection, food, medicine, etc., it can stably measure various liquid media, such as water, acid, alkali, oil, etc. In municipal water supply, sewage treatment and other projects, this flowmeter also plays an important role. In addition, it can also be applied in heavy industries such as steel and electricity to meet the working needs of high flow and high pressure.
3、 Product advantages
The E-MAG-R electromagnetic flowmeter has multiple significant advantages. Firstly, its high accuracy ensures the accuracy of measurement results. Secondly, the flowmeter has good stability and reliability, and can operate stably in various environments. In addition, its split structure makes installation simple and maintenance costs low. The flow meter has explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-interference and other performance, greatly improving work safety. Finally, The E-MAG-R electromagnetic flowmeter has good adaptability and can be applied to various liquid media and complex working environments.

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