Precautions for operation of fork cylinder

The fork cylinder is widely used, and is also a popular product in the market because of its various advantages and characteristics. However, it also has many knowledge points to know when it is used. After all, many users do not know these. Next, let's introduce the operating precautions of the fork cylinder? If you are interested, you can read it.

The fork type cylinder has stronger protection function, stronger online fault diagnosis ability, more control means and lower fault rate; But here we need to make clear that it also has some problems, including the problems of the equipment itself, as well as some selection problems, as well as the problems of equipment module failure, aging of electronic components, and damage of vulnerable parts. So there are many things to pay attention to when operating. For example, control device crashes are common. This is mainly because the temperature at the control position of the boiler auxiliary windshield is sometimes greater than 60 ℃, resulting in the failure of the actuator control device. After the model change, the previous crash problem was basically solved. Some intelligent electric devices have a watchdog program, which can automatically reset and restart after the fork cylinder stops; Others do not. They need to be manually shut down and restarted after the crash is found.


In addition, because the signal cut-off fork cylinder did not move to the correct position, IQ intelligent fork pneumatic actuator was selected as the blade control device of induced draft fan of 600MW unit. Electrical equipment lost control signal due to loose command line connection. As a result, the moving blades of the induced draft fan are completely closed, making the pressure in the furnace vary greatly.

The fork cylinder mainly passes through the exhaust valve and stop valve. Adjust the working pressure of the exhaust valve to a certain value. When the air pressure is higher than this value, the air pressure will output normally. And realize power-off protection through solenoid valve. If the power supply voltage is normal, it works normally. If the power supply disappears, the solenoid valve will switch the air circuit, the exhaust valve will discharge the air pressure, and then switch the air circuit. At this time, you will see that its exhaust lock valve will keep the lock valve in the locked state, keep the load at the original position, and realize power-off protection. Of course, sometimes it will be interrupted due to signal protection. This is achieved through electronic switches. When the signal current is greater than the lower limit current, it works normally. When the signal current is suddenly interrupted, the electronic switch is blocked, and the solenoid valve is powered off to realize the signal interruption protection.

The fork cylinder mentioned today is also mainly composed of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, end cover, seal, screw, etc. The complete set of fork cylinder shall also include opening indication, travel limit, solenoid valve, positioner, pneumatic element, manual mechanism, signal feedback and other components. The connecting dimension of the fork type cylinder shall meet the requirements. During operation, when the gas supply is interrupted, the manual mechanism is required to open and close. When facing the handwheel, turn the handwheel or handle counterclockwise to open it, and turn it clockwise to close it.

After the introduction of the above contents, we also have a further understanding of the operating precautions of the fork cylinder. I will not feel strange when I see him again in the future, and I will not often have problems in the process of using it. Well, that's all for today's content. I believe it will bring more wonderful knowledge points.

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