Main uses of high-performance butterfly valve

The application range of high-performance butterfly valve is very wide. We must know its characteristics before using it, so that we can better apply it. If you are interested in this topic, let's have a look at it. I hope it can help some relevant people.

High-performance butterfly valve is widely used in various industries, so its use must be very wide. In fact, this high-performance butterfly valve adopts a top-mounted structure, which reduces the connecting bolts of the valve body itself under the condition of high pressure and large diameter, enhances the reliability of the valve, and can overcome the influence of the valve body's dead weight. Normal operation of the system to the valve. It is a regulating valve with simple structure. It is also necessary to know that it is also a high-performance butterfly valve, which can be used for medium switching control in low-pressure pipelines. High performance butterfly valve is a kind of valve.


Now high-performance butterfly valves can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media. It is mainly used to cut off and throttle the pipeline. The opening and closing part of the high-performance butterfly valve is a disc-shaped butterfly plate. The high-performance butterfly valve rotates around its axis in the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjusting. It is widely used in coal chemical, petrochemical, rubber, paper and other pipelines as a medium separation and confluence or flow direction switching device.

High-performance butterfly valve is mainly used to open, close or regulate the medium flow through the reciprocating movement of the disc hoist to about 90 °. The high-performance butterfly valve is not only simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight, low in consumption, small in installation size, small in driving torque, but also simple and fast in operation, with good flow regulation and closing sealing characteristics. It is also one of the valve varieties that have developed rapidly in the past decade.

High performance butterfly valves are widely used. The variety and quantity of its applications are expanding. Now the products are also developing in the direction of high temperature resistance, high pressure, large diameter, high sealing performance, long life, excellent regulation characteristics, and multi-purpose of one valve. Its reliability and other performance indicators have reached a high level. Only in this way can chemically resistant synthetic rubber be applied to high-performance butterfly valves to improve their performance. Due to the characteristics of synthetic rubber such as corrosion resistance, scouring resistance, dimensional stability, good resilience, easy forming and low cost, different performance synthetic rubber can be selected according to different application requirements to meet the working conditions of high-performance butterfly valves.

The above article is about the main uses of high-performance butterfly valves for your friends, and it also shares a relatively good manufacturer of high-performance butterfly valves. If you have any needs in this regard, you can check it. I hope it can help you.

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