Review the advantages of high-performance butterfly valves

With the increasing demand for high-performance butterfly valves, we also see that there are more and more manufacturers producing this equipment on the market. In this case, consumers will not know what to do when choosing and purchasing. Therefore, only if you have a full understanding of the characteristics of high-performance butterfly valves, will it help us to choose high-quality products, Let's give you a brief introduction.

High-performance butterfly valve, also known as flap valve, is now characterized by strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, non-aging, low friction coefficient, easy forming and stable size. Appropriate materials can improve its comprehensive performance, so as to obtain better strength and friction coefficient. This high-performance butterfly valve seal overcomes the limitations of synthetic rubber. Therefore, the polymer materials represented by polytetrafluoroethylene and its filling modified materials have been widely used in high-performance butterfly valves to improve their performance. It is also mainly designed as a double-eccentric structure during production.


The structure of high-performance butterfly valve is that there is a certain deviation between the valve body center and the valve disc center and the valve stem axis. The upper and lower ends of the valve shaft are equipped with bushings and bearings. It ensures the concentricity of the shaft and prevents the valve shaft from jamming, which is the structural feature of the double-eccentric butterfly valve. The high-performance butterfly valve is made of tetrafluoro material, which improves the sealing performance and has simple structure.

High-performance butterfly valves also mainly use high-strength materials to make seats, which have good high-temperature resistance and are more wear-resistant than ordinary butterfly valves. The valve has simple structure, and the design reduces the consumption caused by transmission and reduces the torque. And you should know that its double-eccentric structure also makes the butterfly valve have better sealing performance, which makes the high-performance double-eccentric butterfly valve suitable for VOC industrial waste gas treatment industry, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, coking and other industries. Field to adjust the flow. And fast shutoff function, which is another advantage of high-performance butterfly valve.

In short, the high-performance butterfly valve is resistant to high pressure loss and has a long service life. Reasonable design, compact structure, fast opening and closing. Small opening torque, flexible and convenient, labor-saving and energy-saving. The valve body material and sealing ring composite sandwich can be replaced for different media. Because of its small opening torque, friction-free rotation of the sealing pair, and long service life of the valve, it is deeply loved by everyone. And they all belong to the three-dimensional braided core structure, which makes the butterfly plate more closed and tighter, and the sealing is watertight.

The above article is about the advantages of high performance butterfly valve introduced by Xiao Bian, mainly about its function and function. If you don't understand it, read it quickly. I hope it can help relevant people. Thank you for reading my article.

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